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Why ISA ?

Orientation Session 👨‍🎓

Orientation Session is our first introduction to parents and students. The session aims to brief the parents about ISA as a system, as a community, as a family, as an ultimate place where dreams are turned into reality. The conclusion of the session sees the parents ensured that their child has now reached safe hands and would emerge as a winner in the race of life.

"Coming together is beginning...keeping together is progress... working together is success !"

Teaching Methodology 📚

ISA engages with students to adapt to the varied requirement of each and continuously evolves the teaching methodology to make the process of learning effective for each student. Some of the critical aspects of our approach are:

  • Interactive classroom sessions
  • Dedicated Faculties
  • Comprehensive Study Material
  • Education with Indian values
  • Doubt Session
  • Periodic test and awards.
  • Attendance & Performance Tracking
  • Innovative ways of Learning

Classes are held in morning and evening sessions. Separate batches are formed to accommodate the school timings of different set of students. To maintain the efficacy of the class, the maximum strength is fixed at 25-30 per batch. Each class is fitted with air conditioner and equipped with audio video systems and a laboratory for more immersive learning.

Interactive classroom sessions 👁️‍🗨️

The focus is on making learning a two-way process. We encourage our students to think and not just be interested in cramming a few rote concepts. We also believe in extensively covering the complete syllabus on time,so that students get sufficient time for revision. All the subjects are covered to cater to the student’s requirement at school and equip them at the competitive level.

Dedicated Faculties 👨‍🏫

Teachers form one of the key pillars in each student’s success and we ensure that they get the best. To ensure our students get the best out of our teachers, we collect feedback of faculties on specific parameters at regular intervals to ensure their reach across all students. Our faculty members are specially trained to understand the ISA Academic System.

Comprehensive Study Material 📑

Study material is a key component in getting the student involved to do self-study. The core objective of self-study is to know what one knows and also know what one does not know. Our curated study material by experts, ensures the student gets the key concepts before getting into the chapter and understands the complex topics easily. The study material that we provide helps students prepare subjectively for their exams. It is simplified yet comprehensive; specially tailored to give leading edge to our students. This serves as a treasure -trove of concepts and questions.

Education with Indian Values 🙏

We infuse Indian values in our students during classroom sessions to uphold our ethics and culture; this is done through regular prayer, oath, motivational talks and other similar activities.

Doubt Session 🙋‍♂

Doubt removal session is a unique platform offered by ISA to its students to ensure their doubts are clarified, concepts are strengthened and confidence is boosted. It also felicitates a one to one interaction with our faculties. This meticulously planned platform paves the pathway to success by clarifying the doubts at grass root level. Back up classes are planned and arranged for specific students according to their performance.

Periodic Test & Awards 🏅

Periodic tests are taken at regular intervals to give ample practice to the students, so that they learn to respond promptly to tricky questions within the defined time frame. ISA arranges weekly test, monthly test & mock tests before final or competitive exams. ISA encourages excellence and instills the spirit of achievement in students by rewarding them gifts, medals & certificates for their performance.

Attendance, Assignment & Performance Tracking 📈

Each student’s database is maintained which includes attendance record and result of periodic tests in individual report card. Both parents & students have access to this performance sheet. For a planned absence from any session, students are required to intimate the academic department beforehand. All assignments are tracked by respective faculties and feedback updated online. Result of the test is also intimated through SMS and web link. The student login section contains a graphical representation of all the scores and progress of the student across various subjects and exams.

Innovative ways of Learning 💡

Pedagogical ways of learning has done no good to our students and we at ISA always strive to bring in new ways of learning in class. Question board, Group Presentation, Team Activity and Level based assignments are few of the innovative ways adopted by ISA to engage students and get the best out of them.

Mentorship & Counselling Program 🤹

We all believe that in todays hectic schedule of a students life, there is hardly anytime for them to reflect upon their thoughts and feelings. Hence, we have made a concentrated effort to listen to our children, irrespective of their issues. The more they talk the better we get to know their issues. This not only helps us tackle them at the right time but also helps the student come out of their problem. It is our sincere effort to provide proper guidance and mentorship to help them overcome the challenges, academic or personal.

Parent Communication 👨‍👨‍👧

We truly believe that to enhance the performance of a student the most critical stakeholders; Parent & Institute should engage. We have established multiple channels of engagement with parents apart from the quarterly PTM’s. Special meetings, online feedback related to student’s performance & progress, test scores through SMS are some of the other mediums through which we continue to engage with parents.

Syllabus Planner 📰

Planning plays a key role in student’s life. Our academic planner is the USP of ISA which provides students year long planning for the complete syllabus. A Planner designed specially by our expert team of faculties, for our students, provide date wise description of the various chapters along with the number of lectures that will be covered during the entire course of their studies at ISA.
The Planner is designed in such a pattern that the understanding level of the students at each level gets enhanced.
This feature allows students to schedule their studies for every topic through specified number of lectures, start date and date of completion. Thus it provides a direction to student’s efforts through proper guidance.
Lack of conceptual clarity, undue stress of the school exams, lack of focus and loss of self confidence are some of the factors that result in undesirable performance of the students. Therefore, our daily academic planner is designed in order to reinforce the core concepts of our students and instil confidence in them to crack the highly competitive exams.
The added advantage of the planner is that the student will cover both school and competitive syllabus through our scientific design.

Exclusive @ ISA

  • Dedicated Faculty
  • Student Oriented System
  • Positive Environment
  • Indiscriminate Teaching
  • Platform to Explore Oneself
  • Most Trusted Institute